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Is your Platform Helping You Analyze and Manage your Deals?

Risk Analysis, Deal Flow, Tracking, Reporting and Customer Relationship Management for Cash Advance.

Is your current CRM platform SMART?

SmartMCA is a robust software platform purposely built for the cash advance industry. By using the latest in Integration, Automation and Machine Learning technologies SmartMCA gives you much more than just another CRM.

background check.png

Automate Background Checks

Run background checks for each owner of the business with the click of a button.  Generate comprehensive Business Owner Backround reports through Experian. Easily find pertinent information about a potential merchant as well as affiliated businesses.

debit schedule.jpg

Debit Scheduler that Integrates to ACH

We save you time and effort by giving you the flexibility to build payment schedules directly in the platform. SmartMCA has a built-in collection scheduler for setting up recurring debits including a calendar to track those debits in real-time. Add rules and special cases like double debiting for holidays or other days missed.

bank integration.png

Bank Integration with Transaction Tracking

SmartMCA is fully integrated with Plaid to bring you access to close to 10,000 banks and financial institutions. Whether your an admin keeping an eye on the accounts, an underwriter validating a merchants revenue or an accountant putting it all together, tracking payments and transactions has never been easier. SmartMCA utilizes Machine Learning and AI to analyze transaction for automated payment tagging and alerts.

Deal Flow.png

Deal Tracking

Manage your deals from submission through collection. Track payments, add discounts or fees and easily refinance an existing deal with the click of a button. The SmartMCA platform analyzes your deals in real-time to notify on deals possibly going south or even deals targeted as leads for refi.


Application Workflow with Underwriting

Customize the application workflows based on your business processes to ensure the right information is collected and shared with the right people. An advanced Underwriting Module gives you all the tools necessary to analyze a new or past merchant to make the best decision on what to fund. With machine learning we are making this process even easier to give the best risk analysis so you know how a deal will succeed.

doc generation.png

Automated Document Generation

Manually building contracts, COJs, payoff letters and other documents takes time and often leads to human errors. SmartMCA utilizes the data collected during the application process and deal tracking to build documents automatically so you don't have to. 

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